Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fix: Great Midwestern Homes 25K or less!

Its Friday Fix! Great Midwestern homes priced at 25K or less! Some need a little some need a lot, all are great place to start.

522 N Johnson is a huge old house in South Bend, priced at 24,500 and over 2000 sq ft, 4 bedrooms is a great value.

More info: 522 N.Johnson

542 Elk Street is located in Freeport IL. This would appear based  o the roofline to be an early Italianate style home. Some 'ghosting' on the brick indicates there was originally a larger porch that wrapped around to the side porch.

More info: 542 W Elk

1111 Church St is in Hannibal MO and appears to have been built as double home. Now advertised as a four bedroom single family this home offers a lot of space in a cottage home and we can see it redone in period colors and quite charming.

More details: 1111 Church St

Todays "Banner Home" is at 2015 Main Street In Richmond. 5376 Sq feet , this substantial Brick mansion is priced at only 25K and sits on a street with restored homes over 300K. In terms of square foot for the location this is a deal in our opinion.

More info: 2015 Main St

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