Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Fix! Great homes under 25K!

Another Friday Fix and some more great homes priced at 25K or under ready for restore. Some may be campable, others may need everything  but if you are on a budget and willing to roll up your sleeves, you might just own a house for less than an economy car!

1871 Sheldon, is located in East Cleveland is only 25K, over 3100 Square feet and is in the hard to find 'chalet influenced style ' that was regionally popular in the Midwest. Broad overhanging eaves,5 bedrooms and 4 baths, gorgeous woodwork. oversize stair case, open porch and OVER 3100sq ft. of living space. Unique house architecturally and a great place to start.

More info: 1870 Sheldon

511 E Walnut is located in Kokomo In and is a great solid home with hardwood floors, nice staircase and a good stating point for restoration. Priced at only 22,900. This home has over 3100 square feet. 4 bedroom 2 baths.

More info:  511 Walnut

623 Kenwood is a great house in Dayton Oho and has some nice English details with a front 'clipped' gable and a nice upper dormer in the roofline. Large 2.5 story home. Over 1400 sq ft. Spacious living room with nice hardwood floors. Cute kitchen, and dining room.

More info: 623 Kenwood

220 W 10th Street in in picturesque New Albany Indiana and this house has some great things going for it. It sits high on a hill, has an almost 1/2 acre lot a huge block two car two story carriage house. I love the historic gate and stone wall, the porch has some impressive views. We also suspect there is some nice fishscale or stick work under that vinyl siding. Priced at 25K this one looks special to us.

More info:220 West 10th street

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