Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Midwest Preservation Bargain: Gothic Revival Degraff Ohio

Normally I might relegate  a less expensive house to the Friday fix series, But this house truly is an outstanding architectural example and I feel that somewhere out there is the right person to rescue this home from neglect.

I am a big fan of Gothic Revival Architecture and these days when you see it you normally can't recognize it because the windows that identify it are long done replaced with modern  small windows and the siding is usually covered under layer of vinyl siding. While this house needs restoration its a prime example of the style and should be restored and preserved. Certainly after restoration this is a registry grade home.
This home is located in DeGraff Ohio in Logan County. It is priced at an incredible 19,900.00 (not a typo)! 3bedrooms and 1 bath. The aerial view reveals a nice bay window on the side and I suspect this house is larger than the square footage  (1591 sq ft), Degraff is in the middle of Amish country and I guarantee some Amish craftsman had a hand in this homes original construction.

The front Fa├žade second floor window is a fine gothic window one might well expect to see in a church or cathedral. This home , properly painted and restored could be a showplace. Yes, its small town, but if that's your cup of tea and maybe if it isn't, owning and restoration this home would be plenty to keep you occupied.

Listing info: 206 S Main Degraff Ohio

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