Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Fix! Great Midwestern Homes 25K or less! Cottage Edition!

Friday Fix! Your Great opportunity to see great Midwestern homes all priced at 25K or under! Today, for those of you who made your New Years resolution to downsize, here are three great cottages.
As the Mellencamp song goes "Little Pink houses"...well we found a little pink house in Terre Haute Indiana.

Priced at 25K this Craftsman era home has some really nice features that, in spite of its pink exterior, is a house with real restoration potential.

Great Brick Mantle with Built ins, Columned entry, and dining room built in, this interior is one pleasant surprise after another.

More info: 1319 S 4th

726 W Osborne St in Sandusky Ohio is a classic Victorian cottage and based on some of the porch detail was quite nice in it day and clearly could be again. Priced at only 19,9K  it would appear to offer a fine value.

More info: 726 W Osborne St

Our Friday Fix Banner home is 105 E Delaware in Evansville In. Priced at only 23,900. This home has many historic features that add to its value.

Multiple mantles, pocket doors and historic built-ins all add to its value.

In an area of restoration too. More info 105 E Delaware

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