Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Midwest Preservation Bargains: 824 Main St Coshocton OH

It's not often we feature a house with no interior photos but this big Queen Anne in Coshocton caught our eye. Priced at only 64,900 its looks interesting enough on the outside it might appeal to someone and sometimes you find a remarkable intact interior on some of these homes.

This looks to be a classic Queen Anne and we think if you yanked off that vinyl you would find a classically detailed Victorian under it.

We say that based on the Tower details at the top. Note the garland swag detail at the tower where we presume would have been the beltline before the witches hat. Also note the curved top widows on the front gable and on the second floor above the front door. We can see this home with its porch restored an it was probably the grandest home on the block at one time.

So if you are as curious as we are maybe you'd like more info and if you look at please share your interior photos with us: 824 Main St

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