Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Fix! Great Midwestern homes 25K or less!

Its Friday and we have scoured the Midwest looking for some great restorable homes priced at 25K or less.

1015 Hays Park In Kalamazoo is a great home with picket fence out front and a interior with lots of potential. Priced at 18K its a great place to start.

More info and photos: 1015 Hays Park

3142 Sunshine Ave is located in Cincinnati. Its a great restoration project and priced at only 6500.00 and being a small 'empty nester' sized house, the actual cost of restoration will be small.

We love the original Model T carriage house. More info: 3142 Sunshine Ave

643 Jefferson St is in Quincy Illinois and need top to bottom restore but at a 10K sales price, you can't go wrong on this brick  cottage.

More info: 643 Jefferson

Our Friday Banner home comes from St Louis and at 13,7 for a 5 bedroom brick home we think this one can work.

Inlaid  floors, beamed ceilings and nice stairs and mantels area a great start here.

More info and photos: 5810 Julian Ave

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