Friday, August 22, 2014

FRIDAY FIX! 8/22/2014

This is our First Friday Fix! Every Friday we will put together a special collection of Victorian homes priced UNDER 25K! Some need everything some are actually livable and most could be made 'campable' while you restore them. Think about that a Victorian Home for less than a Econo car. In some cases, less than what you pay for one months rent! Hear that, East coast folks!

Russiaville IN 20,000!
Russiaville Indiana: 4511 W 250 S. 20,000.00 Actually this is the town of West Middleton. Gothic cottage , great porches, but bad windows and interior remodel. All stuff you can fix.  2 Bd, 2Ba and a quarter acre! Listing link HERE

Mishawaka  IN 19,000!
Mishawaka, IN: 901 Lincolnway W. 19,000.00 This is a multi family 1897 Queen Ann ready to go back to single family. 2890 Sq Feet plus the basement (6000 sq ft lot). That acquisition at 7.00 a sq ft! There is a 325K restored house down the street and lots of restoration starting in this area. Listing link Here

Toledo OH:  UNDER 2 GRAND!!!!
Toledo OH: 2301 Glenwood Ave. 1771.00 (NOT A TYPO) This was once a fine mansion on historic Glenwood Avenue.  This is not a restoration for the faint of heart , It needs lots of work! But your acquisition on this 3600 sq foot mansion  for 50 cents a sq foot! House down the street ( 2333 ) is 114K and it needs work too. This could be something special! Listing link Here

Columbus OH 10,000!
Columbus OH: 321 S Ohio Ave: 10,000.00 . Another once grand mansion (sq footage is wrong on the listing) over 4000 sq ft. There are not many unrestored mansions left in Columbus Ohio these days and this one is brick, that unique tower porch and there is a lot of urban pioneering in this area. Needs a lot of work but well worth the effort considering what restored homes are bringing  just a couple of blocks away! If anyone looks at this please send me interior photos! Listing link Here

Columbus OH: 4,001 dollar TWO DOLLARS A SQ FT!
Columbus OH: 804 Oakwood Ave: 4,001.00 . I just had to throw this other Columbus home in this Friday Fix! Some where under that crappy craftsman porch that ugly second floor balcony and under that 1920's siding beats a turreted Queen Anne home. OK is a BIG commitment but he you took those lost puppy home when you were a kid. 4 bedroom 2460 sq feet (Plus attic) on a 5227 sq ft lot, I have to think for the right person this would work. I'll donate that extra dollar on the price IF SOMEONE WILL SAVE THIS HOUSE!  Listing Link   Here .

Marion IN 10,000 !
Marion IN. 707 1st: 10,000. Check out that Porch!!! This house need 'de-vinyling' Two units currently some water damage in one. This will be a 4 bedroom 2 ba home 1960 sq-foot  and that works out to 5 bucks a sq ft acquisition cost. Off comes the vinyl cut down the bushes and the town would probably throw you a parade. Listing link Here

Richmond IN, 214 13th St:  20,000. Last but not least is our FRIDAY FIX! cover home. Historic Starr District home with lots of square footage, original wood work & fireplaces. Restore this to it's original beauty. Have a piece of History. Front & rear stairways, 3rd floor attic is finished. MY pick of the day, 4367 Sq ft, 5 bedroom, 2 1/2 Ba on an over 8000 sq ft lot? AND in an established historic district with lots of restoration! Listing link Here

So  there you have it. Our First Friday FIX! Sit back and enjoy your "Fix" of old house fixers. More to come from Rustbelt Preservationist!

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