Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Series: The Country Place: Nevada Ohio Italianate

For some the idea is simply to get away from it all. Maybe its escaping the confined quarters of an urban neighborhood or maybe getting out of suburbia but some long for a place in the country. In fact, there are plenty of fine old homes in the Midwest out of the urban core yet close to a small town where one can buy the essentials but still close enough to major cities so you can get that occasional "big city fix".

Todays example is in Nevada Ohio! This was obviously a family farmhouse for what was once a large farm. With family farms getting bought up by large corporate farm operations many of these old family homes are demoed or just used for storage. This is a fine Italianate home that obviously has a front porch and side porch at one point probably added in the late Victorian era. This house can be bought on 1 acre for only 95K or up to 4 acres for 125K.

The home appears to have good detail for a classic Italianate  and while it will need some updating it looks campable while one personalizes it to suit their own taste. More information is available HERE . 4 bedrooms 2 baths, financing is available through a number of resources.

Know of a great "country place"?  Email me at victiques@gmail and we may feature it  on our "Country Place' series

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