Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome to Rustbelt Preservationist

I've been involved in Historic Preservation for many years now and I am continuously amazed that in spite of the efforts of many Midwestern cities to "right size", modernize, or simply embark on a plan to bulldoze anything old and replace it with new and shiny, that so much of our historic built environment remains.

However the pressures are still there and we still lose historic homes every day. In 2009 I began my first blog called Victorian Antiquities and Design which focused on Cincinnati Ohio and our efforts to rebuild a neighborhood on the brink of extinction and save one particular Second Empire Cottage , the Nagele-Merz House . That journey through a hard to deal with city government not particularly interested in preserving old things might be symptomatic of much of the Midwest. As  a part of that blog effort I began a series called Cincinnati Preservation Bargains and that effort resulted in the rescue of dozens of homes that otherwise might not be standing today and it has been one of the most popular post series on that blog which has been read by hundred of thousands worldwide.

As a result of that, I routinely get emails from people all over the Midwest telling me about endangered properties. So as this blog expands expect to see lots of posts of homes that have great promise and just need a new owner. We also plan on serious focus with a series called  the"Friday Fix" that will spotlight homes that need a loving touch. We also will interview urban pioneers whose preservation efforts are making difference in their own part of the Midwest. We will even spotlight restorations to inspire you to become a Preservation Hero yourself!

So for those of you on the high priced coasts, weary of outrageous prices for tiny apartments and if the 'new' has worn off of living in the big city, for less than you are paying for couple of months rent in many cases, you can 'own' your very own "Preservation Bargain" and escape the high cost, high taxes and high stress by coming to the Midwest.

We look forward to your input, your insight,  and your feedback on our efforts.

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