Saturday, August 23, 2014

Midwest Mansions : Grand style at a starter home price: Shelbyville Indiana!

Exquisite shingle style Victorian with Queen Anne and free Classic details
So you live on one of the coasts. Maybe LA, maybe New York.  That 'starter condo' is 700 sq ft and 350K. You work from home and worry about how you will make that home office work with the living/dining/kitchen/bedroom/bathroom shoebox condo space you will move into. Not only do you worry about the mortgage, but the condo fees, and forget about affording a place to park a car. Lets not even talk about the snooty co-op board. There has to be a better way?

Over 10,000 square feet
There IS. Move to the Rustbelt! Live like a Kennedy or Rockefeller in a grand mansion. In this case, move to Shelbyville Indiana. Now I know you have no idea where Shelbyville is, but its close to bigger cities like Indianapolis and Cincinnati and if you want that true "big city" fix you can be in Chicago in 3 hrs.

Period lighting , grand columns
Lets run the numbers: 10,133 sq feet.  3 stories,grand entry and stairs befitting any New Port mansion.
Probably 100K in Stained glass in this home
7 bedrooms, 3 baths and, oh did I mention, it has your own third floor grand ballroom and there is a swimming pool too!
Exquisite carving and craftsmanship throughout!
Property taxes in Indiana are capped at 1 percent plus any local initiatives and the taxes on this mansion are less than 4k a year (isn't that about what your condo fees are?) List price? 324,900.00.  If you do the 20 percent down your monthly payment would be 1250.00 a month! Isn't that what that your first rent controlled studio in New York cost?
Your personal 3rd floor ballroom. Perfect for your next rave or maybe that internet startup office?

Come to the Midwest, live like a king! Be the envy of your friends. Even your parents will think you are smart! Full details and ton of pictures Here .
Formal dining for the holidays and room to invite the whole family if you want to!

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