Monday, March 2, 2015

Midwest Preservation Bargain: An early Italianate, 133 W Washington, Galveston IN

Classic Early Center hall Italianate, tat most likely had a front porch
You might, at first glance, dismiss this home, covered in vinyl. Its only when you look deeper that you see how old this home is. We have been finding a lot of early homes around the Midwest lately. Galveston Indiana was laid out in 1854 and we would not be surprised if this house was already there.

The main staircase retains its original details
There are some telltale details about this house that tell its age. First of all it a center hall, Italianate style home, but its definitely an early home as it has a more Federal looking door details. You can see by the door on the second floor that home originally had a front porch and that you could walk out to the second floor.

One clue to this homes early build date is the design of the molding detail
So what we have is a Italianate center hall likely built between 1850-1860, but research might reveal a even earlier date. The home has a main staircase with rooms off it on each floor and there is a one story wing off the back which probably always houses a kitchen perhaps originally built as separate structure and later connected. the house also has a much newer 2 car garage at the rear.

A "campable kitchen" is a plus while you restore this historic home
Priced at only 34,000, the home has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and 2098 Sq ft and sits on a 1.3 acre lot. The home  would appear to retain much of its original trim and staircase.
This Garage would be excellent for workshop space while restoring the house

More details: 133 W Washington

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