Monday, March 23, 2015

Midwest Preservation Bargains: Queen Anne, 602 Main St , Montecello IN

Sure this one needs work, but its evident someone has been 'trying' to bring this one back.

The height of the witches hat I find intriguing and some correct size porch columns would make world of difference on the exterior and I suspect at a minimum claps under that siding maybe some other shingling.

It looks like most of the interior woodwork is there albeit painted, Put some salvage mantels in this and some period lighting and you are well on your way back.

Kitchen is 'serviceable' for now. Priced at 69K we bet there is some play in that price and it might well be worth a try to get this towered Queen Anne.

More photos: 602 Main St


  1. I've never seen a tower (apparently) sitting on top of a porch roof like that. What do you think happened?

  2. This is a fairly common design, typically the roof of the porch pitches up into the base further. Usually this might be a curved porch to match the curve of the tower.