Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring break posting schedule and links to keep you busy

Its Spring and a very busy time for us here. As a result we are taking a week off from posing to give us time to catch up on some projects, deal with some historic properties saves and sales, handle our Spring Cleaning Ebay sale, and take a one week break from the "research rigors" necessary to get this blog to you.

In the meantime some things to keep you engaged:

Want to own a piece of history? The Nagele Merz house is for sale on Historic Regular readers of the Victorian Antiquities & Design Blog have followed the history of this home for years. This home is will be sold and the next owner will continue the quest to restore this piece of Neo Grec Stenciled design history. More info about the listing can be seen here: Historic Nagle Merz House for sale

Looking for a Victorian Fixer? The Knox Hill Neighborhood Association's Save not Raze Program may be your answer. The program rescues homes that are in distressed situations like slumlords, illegal conversion to apartment or threatened action by the city and does basic stabilization and then resells them to "Preservation minded" individuals looking for a historic home to restore. Current opportunities: The Fultz House , Italianate townhome , The Wilkins House

Maybe you already own and old house and are thinking maybe its time for antiques? Well its always time for antiques of course, but if you are looking for Victoriana, this is the time as we have a ton of stuff on Ebay and some special one week only opportunities to buy  some inventory we normally don't list including some stuff from our private collection due to recent acquisitions.  To see what we have and more will be added all this week check here: ANTIQUES

We hope this week off doesn't send our readers into panic but we have lots to do and we look forward to being back fresh and ready on Monday the 23rd.

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