Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mansion Fixers: A 1915 Colonial Revival, Indianapolis Indiana

Today we feature a great Colonial Revival on Mansion fixers. Now 375K might normally be a lot to fay for a fixer. But this Fixer is between The Meridian Park Historic District and ultra expensive Meridian Kessler.

This home sits in an area of mostly large homes and mansions but had some commercial encroachment in the 1960-70's. The area became largely office/commercial by the 1980's and now is swinging back residential as prices in nearby area have skyrocketed.

This home will need some work including recreating the two single story front porch sections that were on either side of the main columned porch but there are photos showing its original configuration. At almost 6000 Sq feet this was grand home in its day and can be again,

The home sits on over a 1/2 acre lot and has a large carriage house with apartment for potential income. While this home still has commercial zoning its best and most valuable use now would be single family

More info and photos: 3447 Washington Blvd

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