Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Fix: Great homes under 25K!

Every Friday we will put together a special collection of Victorian homes priced UNDER 25K! Some need everything some are actually livable and most could be made 'campable' while you restore them. Think about that a Victorian Home for less than a Econo car. In some cases, less than what you pay for one months rent! Hear that, East coast folks!

313S 10th in Quincy Illinois is With people downsizing the shotgun cottage is 12K! Home has been gutted and ready for restore. The great thing about small houses is it doesn't take much to restore them. More info: Here

115-121 7th Street is a historic townhouse double in Hannibal MO. Priced at 14,500 a lot of work has already gone into these homes. Some nice woodwork and historic details here to. More info : Here

501 N Vine is in Monroe City MO, priced at an incredible 22,500.This is a huge historic home in the heart of Monroe City, MO. This home has 16 total rooms, all original wood work, pocket doors and staircase. If you are in the market for a historic home to remodel then this is the one for you. This home still has overall a pretty good foundation and the wood floors are sill in pretty decent shape. All the original wood work is already there and waiting for someone to make them new again. This home would be beautiful with the right person with the time and money. More Info: Here
912 Bauman in Akron Ohio, is our Friday Fix cover home and is priced at 12,000.00! This great early craftsman home has a lot going for it.  Things like leaded glass windows, built in bookcases, Porte Cochere, I mean seriously think of this restored with a nice period paint job. 6 bedrooms 2 bath 3245 sq feet! More info Here

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