Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Fix: Great Victorian Fixers Under 25K

Original 2 over 2 windows on this
Every Friday we will put together a special collection of Victorian homes priced UNDER 25K! Some need everything some are actually livable and most could be made 'campable' while you restore them. Think about that a Victorian Home for less than a Econo car. In some cases, less than what you pay for one months rent! Hear that, East coast folks!

A four color paint job and new steps would transform this home.
1021 Cherry Valley NE, Canton Ohio 9900.00! 4 bedroom , 1 bath , late Queen Anne elements, with the bayed front, some nice patterned shingles on the gabels and full width porch. Great starting pint for restoration. More info Here

1003 West 6th Street In Marion IN, Is a cottage with potential at 19,900, Take that vinyl off and we bet there is some patterned shingle work  bedrooms, 2 Baths and 1996 sq feet its bigger than it looks.
More info Here

361 Emerson Place is in Youngstown Ohio , and priced at 5000.00! This one I've included based on the fact this would appear to be a Barber Pattern book house and these homes are getting harder to find. The turret appears to be identical in design to several known barber homes. This falls in to the needs everything category of restorations but its a worthwhile restoration for the right individual. bedrooms, 2 Baths . A long road ahead but worth saving! More info Here

382 N Prairie in Galesburg IL 25,000.00 Looking for something larger perhaps? How about 3336 Sq Foot. This once grand homes is awaiting a restorer to bring her back to her original grandeur. Some nice Free Classic details in that porch. Home has two car garage More info Here

417 S 10th Street Richmond IN, 6500.00 Can you believe this? The build date in listing is wrong. this is 1875-1885 Italianate. You can still see the ghosting of the original shutters on the brick. 2836 square feet. Obviously the brick porch is later addition and the house would benefit by a more period appropriate porch but what a lot of home for the money. Our Friday Fix Favorite!, More info Here

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