Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fix: Great Homes under 25K!

Every Friday we will put together a special collection of Victorian homes priced UNDER 25K! Some need everything, some are actually livable and most could be made 'campable' while you restore them. Think about that! A Victorian Home for less than a Econo car. In some cases, less than what you pay for one months rent! Hear that, East coast folks!

Large home located in Flint's Historic District. Hardwood floors, fireplace, and large front porch.621 Stone street is priced at ONLY 7,725.00 (NOT A TYPO) . Michigan has some of the best bargains in historic real estate right now as it works through the foreclosure glut. 5 bedrooms , 2975 Sq feet ona 1/4 acre lot.  LESS than three bucks a sq ft acquisition! More Info: FLINT

Another great Michigan city is Saginaw and this home at 521 Waller is just 8960.00. 1688 sq foot we love the second floor Bay window. A great Craftsman color scheme on the outside would transform this home into something really special. More info: SAGINAW

St Louis is experiencing a great rebirth as more an more of its neighborhoods get rediscovered and restored.3726 Michigan Ave is a great example of the St Louis  "Italianate" Bungalow. Built on a raised brick  foundation these homes have a lot more space than it appears. Now personally, I'd replace the glass block on the lower level or maybe some stained glass over it.  Paint the windows a proper Victorian Color and this house will shine again. 2 Bedrooms 1 bath this is the perfect home for the preservationist who is downsizing or a person doing their first restore. Love the patterned brick! Priced at only 12,500.00. More info: St Louis

Evansville Indiana, has some great homes and many neighborhood are under restore as rentals are being converted back to single family. This house at 1302 Cumberland is a cute Victorian cottage that is ready to be restored. The outside is ready for Fresh paint and eth inside needs it all, but a sound house and a great starting point at only 6500.00. More info: EVANSVILE

Todays' Friday Fix Cover home is an interesting one. I am not sure what the story is here but its a very unique property. The house has some very nice Italianate details and the "corner building' resembles some old interurban or streetcar stop buildings I have seen. This would be an idea Live/work home. One could restore the main house into something really special and have that 'shop' space which would be ideally suited to be a coffee house, antique store, or maybe an artist studio. Priced at 21,900! This  is a low acquisition cost. More information: ROCKFORD

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