Monday, September 29, 2014

Historic Envy: 715 Main St.Wheeling WV

Wheeling WV is a great river town that is off the map for many looking for historic homes who might be looking at Cincinnati or Pittsburg. We love Wheeling and this great Italianate townhome is a prime example of some of the historic architecture available at attractive price points. In this case ONLY 149,500.00

Great parlor and Formal dining room and some over the top lighting are evident here in this classic home. The home looks like it may be slightly earlier than the 1885 date (maybe 1870) and it looks like a later Victorian update took place as the fireplace mantles are of a 1895 period

I especially like the river view and the slightly slower pace of wheeling is what many crave.

More info on this great home Here

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