Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Midwest "Re-emerging Neighborhoods" La Belle St. Dayton OH

In the real estate run up from the late 90's until the real estate crash of 2008, Many old neighborhoods realized an influx of cash and re-investment and 'liberal lending practices" allowed many to go in former marginal neighborhoods and buy. The crash hit those neighborhoods hard with high foreclosure rates and was not helped by blight abatement ' policies of may cities. However those problems have led to some good buys out there and we will from time to time explore some neighborhoods and point out some Midwest preservation bargains out there for the preservationist ready to make difference in a re-emerging neighborhood.

Today we are looking at Dayton Ohio and specifically La Belle Street, an area mostly of homes built between 1860 and 1900 referenced as St Anne Hill area.

123 La Belle St is a decent 2 Story Victorian. This house sold last for 121K in 2004 and its on the market now for  ONLY 75,000. 3 bedrooms  bath 1640 Sq ft. This house has a great interior, nice sized yard and Central Air and it looks like the mechanicals were all updated...oh and it has a Sauna!. More info 123LaBelle

120 Labelle is right across the street and an interesting "eclectic house" that looks like it started out at an 1870 era Italianate home and received a Victoria makeover in the 1890's (build date wrong on listing). 3 Bedrooms 2 full baths it still needs more restoration but seems to be a good buy at 56,600.00.Some nice fireplace mantels and that porch after restoration would be great place to relax and enjoy the neighborhood comeback More Info: 120 La Belle

Down the street, you will find 34 La Belle. This is an 1880's era Victorian (build date wrong on listing) and has just undergone a fairly major update. 2000 Sq ft and 12 ft ceilings. Priced at 69,9K.

We love the Slate and tile fireplace . New kitchen and baths and you could change that to suite the more historic character of the home. More info : 34 Labelle

So there is our tour of La Belle street. We see lots of great Victorian homes at different price points and lots of choices for the Urban Pioneer in us all.


  1. The entryway of 123 is striking, but I'm itching to add another post or two or something for stability or symmetry. The two doors are interesting also - first and second floor entryways?

  2. One door would be used for entrance to the formal parlor, the other door was the regular "house door". The door to the right would be used by people calling on the family and would be the door one was ushered into in that case. The regular house door would be one used for deliveries or dare I say the "lowly" door to door salesman. The dual door system was protocol of the Victorian era in middle class for homes that might not enjoy the luxury of a formal entry hall to receive guests.